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Third Album(1970)

Jackson 5 - サードアルバム  - Third Album
*The Corporation=Berry Gordy Jr. / Alphonso Mizell / Freddie Perren / Deke Richards
曲名 タイム 作詞・作曲 プロデュース
I'll be there 3:56 Bob West / Hal Davis / Willie Hutch / Berr Gordy Hal Davis
Ready or not (Here I come) 2:34 Thomas Bell / William Hart Hal Davis
Oh how happy 2:14 Charles Hatcher Hal Davis
Brige over troubled water 5:50 Paul Simon *The Corporation
Can I see you in the morning 3:09 Deke Richards *The Corporation
Goin' back to Indiana 3:31 *The Corporation *The Corporation
How funky is your chicken 2:39 Lester Carr / Willie & Richard Hutch Hal Davis
Mama's pearl 3:07 *The Corporation *The Corporation
Reach in 3:27 Beatrice Verdi *The Corporation
The love I saw in you was just a miracle 4:20 Marvin Tarplin / William "Smokey" Robinson *The Corporation
Darling dear 2:38 Rosemary Gordy,George Gordy, Allen story George Gordy & Lawrence Brown


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